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interview: it’s just sports

>> 9.25.2009

It’s Just Sports is an blog that casts a languorous, snarky eye on the sublime and the ridiculous in the world of sports.  If you haven’t been keeping tabs on it, I highly recommend you do.  Patrick Hayes, Pardeep Toor, and a cast of other cool cats have spent the last year gathering (and skewering) the latest sports news, naming the ”best worst” Detroit athletes, keeping tabs on ridiculous player Tweets, and getting to know some of the many excellent sports bloggers that call this wooded mitten home.

Apparently, they ran out of excellent sports bloggers, because earlier this week Patrick asked me some seriously excellent questions, and I did my best to answer them.  It’s my first interview of any kind, and part of a series which has included some of the very best local sports blogs around.  I’m thrilled, honored, and pleased that Patrick took the time to ask me some questions and publish the answers—I hope you’ll take the time to go read them!


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