Updates: Old Mother Hubbard, Bleacher Report, Detroit Lions, Liverpool

>> 1.22.2012

So, you’re probably wondering where the promised Old Mother Hubbard stuff is. This is a good wondering! I’m trying to use some advanced data visualization software instead of Excel charts, and the software is throwing me a learning curveball. I’ll revert to the regular old radar charts if I have to, but I’d really like to deliver on this.

Second, my Bleacher Report duties are ramping up in the run to the Super Bowl. I swore I wouldn’t let my B/R stuff slow my output here—but it’s critically important to me that I do a great job for B/R, just as it is that I do a great job here. I won’t compromise the quality of my work at B/R, or the quality of the Old Mother Hubbard posts, just to crank them both out at the same time.

If you haven't been following my work at B/R, here's some of my most recent stuff to tide you over

  • Why the Lions' cornerback help won't come in the NFL Draft.
  • Here's why the Lions could draft a defensive lineman in the first round.
  • Here’s the story of my graduation from virtual soccer fan to real-life soccer player.


Anonymous,  January 24, 2012 at 7:49 PM  

My sons and i have been reading your stuff for a couple years now. Omh stats and interpretations from pff are definitely our favorites!

It would be wonderful to see year over year pff rankings with your interpetations. This might show growth or atrophy depending on the position group. This may also be fodder for draft thoughts/talk.

Thank you fornall the great stuff.


I know you are hard at work, and we appreciate it.

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