The Morning After

>> 10.11.2011

Elated. Exhausted. Satisfied. Thrilled.

Chaperoning a kindergarten field trip to the apple orchard.

Three Cups Deep may be a bit late.

Fireside Chat late tonight, likely 10ish.


Mike in Holland,  October 11, 2011 at 12:57 PM  


What do you think about the Bears' coordinators and their systems? It seems to me that the book is out on both sides of the ball for the Bears. The Lions proved that knowledge of every player's assignment on every play can lead to easily drawing the defense out of position (Best TD Run, Pettegrew TD pass). Also, everyone knows to beat the Martz offense you rush the passer and their line won't hold up.

I think the Bears have been over-rated. They get by on the talent they have in Forte and Cutler and big special teams plays by Devin Hester, but are mostly let down by poor coaching and players past their prime.

-Mike in Holland.

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