Tinderbox: First Week of Bleacher Report Stuff

>> 9.01.2011

I didn’t do a gameday post for tonight’s game because, well . . . fourth preseason games are rarely worth dissecting. I also am watching it on digital delay, so I don’t have any pertinent analysis just yet. So, I thought I’d recap my first week on the job at Bleacher Report:

  • Detroit Lions Can't Wait For Investment In Derrick Williams to Pay Off - The title pretty much says it all.
  • Detroit Lions Cuts: Tracking Players Dropped From 2011 Roster - This is a slideshow, which I'll continuously update with released Lions and their eventual landing places. You might want to bookmark it.
  • How and Why the NFL Transitioned From Football to Two-Hand Touch - This one . . . this one is special. I put a lot of love into it.  For a while today, it was the main story on the front-est front page of Bleacher Report Dot Com, and a lot of people have said a lot of nice things about it.


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