The First Week of Autumn

>> 9.11.2011

The Winter has been long. At times, we have seen the sun peek through the clouds, only to quickly disappear behind a curtain of gray. At times, it has been so bleak we thought the sun would never shine again.

Whether there were many helping me tend the little blue flame, or few, whether the fire was crackling with energy, or barely more than an ember, there is no doubt this is the season we kept it for, toiled for, waited for.

Today, we Lions fans are gathered around the fire in numbers greater than we've seen in decades. The bonfire roars; huge blue flames race to the sky in a furious rush of sound and heat. The raging column of fire can be seen and heard for miles around.

Whether you've been here with me since the beginning, hauling wood and casks of cider, whether you've stayed away because you couldn't beat to believe and be let down again, or you're just walking up to the back of the crowd curious what all the fuss is about, welcome. Welcome.

Have a mug of piping hot cider. Take off you gloves, hat, and woolen coat. Listen to the cheers and songs, join in with the handshakes and high-fives. Take a seat and sip your cider--or stand and cheer the brave.



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