AnnouncING: The Wild TUrkeys, a USMNT Blog

>> 7.06.2011

Hey all, working on the OMH of the free agent linebackers. In the meantime, I want to point you all to my latest side project: The Wild Turkeys, a USMNT soccer blog. Don’t worry—just like A Beautiful Day for Football, my MSU football blog, I’ll only post every 4-8 weeks or so, and slightly more often when real happenings are happening. It won’t, at all take away from my TLiW posting schedule—in fact, it’ll keep most of that silly soccer stuff off the front page here (I’ll continue to post news about the Silverdome renovation and Detroit’s MLS bid every blue moon or so).

So, yeah. Check out The Wild Turkeys, and lemme know what you think—and keep your eyes peeled for the linebacker OMH!


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