Tinderbox: Mo’ eBooks, Mo’ Begging

>> 1.31.2011

Last month, I asked you all to punch a chad for TLiW in the BallHyped.com Blog of the Year award. This blog finished fifth, not too shabby of a showing—many thanks to all who voted. You all have been rewarded for your time by the BallHyped folks; they’re serving up 200+ pages of delicious sports blog content, free for the taking. The BallHyped Best Sports Blogs of 2010 eBook is out, and one of the posts I’m most proud of made the editorial cut. There’s lots more meat on that chicken wing—so if you’re starved for sportswriting, tuck in.

Now, there’s another web awards thing going down: the About.com Reader’s Choice awards. Fellow Big Lead Sports site TheHuddle.com is making a big (deserved) push for the Best Fantasy Football Site category. I’ve been a regular there for something like thirteen years, and the head dude kindly suggested to Huddlers that they throw TLiW on the ballot for Best NFL Team Blog, as well. Since they’re scratching my back, I’ll asking y’all to scratch his.

About.com 2011 Reader's Choice Awards, Football category. Vote for TheHuddle.com in Best Fantasy Site, and thelionsinwinter.com for NFL Team Blog!

That link takes you right to the voting form for the Football category of the About.com Reader’s Choice awards. If you don’t mind hooking The Huddle (and TLiW) up, I’d really appreciate it.


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