Tinderbox: Guest Articles at RoTL & Press Coverage

>> 1.11.2011

I’ve been fortunate enough to get a couple of guest posts up around the Web lately, and I’d be remiss not to let you folks know.  So:

The Lions Congregation, at Roar of the Lions

After a too-long absence, I’ve rejoined the flock at The Lions Congregation!  DetFan1979 from Roar of the Lions has continued to host this Lions blogger roundtable, and the latest edition of The Lions Congregation discusses expectations, and how the Lions’ 2010 season measured up to them.

Press Coverage: Sports. Media. Kvetching.

Also—and this is something I’m really excited about—I’ve written a post about the Michigan coaching search on Press Coverage, the sports media blog edited by Dan Levy of On the DL Podcast fame.  Don’t worry, Michigan fans, I think I did right by you.

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