Turkey coma

>> 11.28.2010

After the ultimately-in-vain effort we all could have predicted—and, in fact, I did predict—I spent all of Thanksgiving evening burying my sorrows in a landslide of family, food, and fun.  We spent “black Friday” mostly doing nothing in particular at home.  Yesterday, had “second Thanksgiving” with the other side of the family, and then Mrs. Inwinter’s class reunion.  Throughout, I’ve been away from the computer—and, having temporarily lost my BlackBerry, mostly invisible on Twitter.  For the radio silence, I apologize.

Today is the Lions fan’s annual day of weirdness, a Football Day where there isn’t any football.  We’ve finished grieving for the Lions’ loss—or in those splendid years where the Lions win, we’ve come off our winning high—and are ready for more, but there is no more, and won’t be for a week.  Everyone handles this differently: some rake the leaves or shovel the walk, some catch up on in-home projects, some spend quality time with the family, some go out and Christmas shop . . . and some just watch the other games, indifferently.  I, being who I am, will attempt to do all of the above simultaneously and do a not-quite-good job of each.

So.  However you choose to spend today, whatever pursuits you distract yourself with, enjoy.  Whatever you do in the absence of Lions football, do it well.  I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving . . . and I hope I’ll see you tonight at 11 pm EST for the Fireside Chat.


Old Man Winter,  November 28, 2010 at 3:46 PM  

Congrats on a perfect prediction on the Lions score; too bad the Pats got carried away with themselves.

Happy T-Day (belated) to you and yours!

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