Lions vs. Jets: A Visual Miscellany

>> 11.11.2010

Here are some more cool pictures from the game on Sunday that I didn’t work into the Three Cups Deep.

Lions fans walking to Ford Field. Walking to the stadium.  Here’s where I initially spotted the tremendous XXXXXXXXXXL Germane Crowell home authentic . . . but check my man over on the right.  Is that a Kelvin Pritchett away replica tucked into belted Wranglers?  With a Lions hardhat?  Awesome.  Moving on from the “vintage” rack, we have a couple nice selections from the “so fresh and so clean” department:

Crisp new Stafford away and Suh home authenics.  Nice. That Stafford away authentic looks gorgeous.  The Suh home authentic looks . . . forgeous.  Look at the number patches . . . not quite right (compare the “9” in the Suh to the “9” in the Stafford).  Also, the sleeves are straight-cut, not banded like authentics.  Honestly, I didn’t spot this until afterwards, though—the Chinese knock-off stuff is getting better and better.

I hope that cap is the kind with black Lions logos on the black cloth.  I'd'a gone with white anyway.Megatron away authentic.  Honolulu Blue on white just looks so good.  Excellent choice, sir.

CIMG1589“No pictures, please.”  Note the knitted Lion hat.

"Are we going to win today?"  My little Lions fan hands in his ticket, replies in the affirmative.My son handing his first Lions ticket to his first Lions ticket-taker to enter Ford Field to see his first Lions game.  Sniffle.  Ticket-taker, please don’t sue me for likeness rights.  TIA.

Kevin Jones and Kevin Smith: separated only by duct tape.To quote a wise and learned scholar (Xzibit), “This is what happens when determination meets a broke-assed motherf****er.”  Only a matter of time before my man turns that “3” into a “4” and that “SMITH” into a “BEST.”  Oh, and check out David Sloan at the front of the line!  He was Dallas Clark before it was cool to be Dallas Clark, supposing Peyton Manning were Scott Mitchell and Dallas Clark had knees made of Velcro.

Matthew Stafford's introduction at Ford Field vs. the Jets, November 7th 2010.Indoor fireworks!  Excellent.  I think this was Stafford’s introduction but I’m not positive.

Sad little Lions fan watching the Jets fans congregate.Somehow I set “blur” to “ON” at some point, but here’s my little boy watching the Jets fans congregate, post-game.  This part was hard.  Note his little Lion tail, drooping.

Little Lions fan, sad after the loss to the Jets.Like I said . . . this part was hard.

Line for the kids' touchdown Fun Run at Ford Field.It’s cool, though, because we got in the line to run onto the field and score a touchdown.  the looooooooooong line.

JERSEY FOULOkay, this is terrible.  This kid is wearing a “wolverinehead,” like a cheesehead, except it’s a wolverine snout.  Dad is wearing a U of M cap.  That would all be fine, I guess, except little dude is rocking a LaDanian Tomlinson Chargers jersey.  Look, neither the Michigan Wolverines, nor the San Diego Chargers, were playing in that game.  LaDanian Tomlinson was in the game, but playing against the team they came to root for.  I was so grumped out by this compound attire foul, the out-of-place Zetterberg didn’t even faze me.

I hate everything about New York.Tough to see, but that sign says “I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT NEW YORK,” with  ‘No Smoking Sign’ circles with lines through them drawn around every major New York City sports franchise’s logo.  I was so impressed with the craftsmanship, and the seething hatred, I almost took it home.

"Touchdown Fun Run" at Ford FieldHe hit the Ford Field turf running.

"Touchdown Fun Run" at Ford Field.They gave every kid a miniball, and then lined ‘em up on the 30-yard line.  They ran ‘em in batches of howevermany.  Chaos.

"Touchdown Fun Run" at Ford FieldAfter scoring his touchdown, he looked up at the goalposts, reared back, and threw his miniball over the crossbar . . . and over my head.  It bounced off the rail on top of the wall—inches from actually going in the stands.

"Touchdown Fun Run" at Ford Field.“Dad, I told you they were gonna let me on the field.  I told you I was gonna need my cleats.”  I get a certain perverse joy out of being a Stupid Old Dad.

Little dude rockin' the Vanden Bosch.On the way out, a major jersey win: a little dude rocking a Vanden Bosch home.  I did not see much jersey love for KVB, but that kid brought it.  Well done.

 . . . and goodnight Lions everywhere. . . . and good night Lions everywhere.


Jim November 11, 2010 at 2:16 PM  

I saw some jackass in a Quentin Jammer jersey. At least LT was playing for the Jets and the University of Michigan is located in Michigan. The only reason I can think to do a Jammer jersey is because we took Joey instead of him?

theicon77,  November 12, 2010 at 3:07 AM  

There's always idiots wearing the wrong jersey at games. My favorite I think is Matt Forte at the Redskins game last year.

Jersey Jim,  November 12, 2010 at 7:52 AM  

That "I hate everything about New York" sign hurts........because I consider myself the #1 Lions fan on the east coast. Having suffered through what I consider gross incompetence, monumental buffoonery, almost criminal mismanagement, etc......since the halcyon days of Karras, McCord etc., it cuts to the quick to see such vitriol. But on another level, I understand it, because living in Giant/Jet territory has engendered a visceral and oh so real hatred of those teams. Oh, well, someday!!!!!!

Ty November 12, 2010 at 8:54 AM  


Oh wow, you're probably right. That is one spiteful jersey purchase.


Ty November 12, 2010 at 8:55 AM  


Forte? That IS bizarre.


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