>> 10.10.2010

For the first time ever, the Fireside Chat Podcast reviews a GLORIOUS VICTORY!

. . . guess my baseless premonitions are on-point, eh?

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Matt,  October 11, 2010 at 2:09 PM  

I'd like to make the case for giving Shaun Hill the start in New York.

First, consider the alternative: Matt Stafford. As Schwartz has said, they are waiting for him to be virtually 100% (as they should be). The only way you can consider him even close is if he has full participation in practice all this week. If he's held back even a little, he shouldn't go. Then, even if he is physically fine, there is a rust factor. He's basically been on ice for a month while Shaun Hill has built up confidence & rapport with the WRs.

Now, look at Hill. I hesitate to invoke the Philly QB dilemma, but hasn't Hill played well enough so far to deserve the job (at least for another week)? He has steadily improved from week to week and just played his best game of the season.

Do you really want to bench the hot hand for a guy coming back from an injury to his throwing shoulder on the road against the Giants? I don't think so, especially with the bye next week. Let The Franchise get his arm right, get back into a groove with his WRs in practice, and come back against Washington. Shaun Hill has earned the start anyway.

Ty,  October 13, 2010 at 12:12 PM  


"I'd like to make the case for giving Shaun Hill the start in New York."

A case well made!


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