A Beautiful Day for Football: A New Michigan State Football Blog

>> 10.05.2010

As we approach the annual Michigan - Michigan State game—with the most at stake since my freshman year at State—I’m finding my thoughts circling back towards MSU football, and words tickling at the tips of my fingers.  I have no place to put them, though, and every pro-MSU or anti-U-M statement (here or on Twitter) brings all the Wolverine fans to the yard.  Since many Lions fans root either blue or green, I’ve created a new home for all my MSU writing, to keep it separate.

Please, check out my new Michigan State Football blog: “A Beautiful Day For Football”.  Jim, a regular reader and commenter here, will be collaborating with me on the project.  All the relevant details are in the first post (SPOILER ALERT: I will not be slowing down on TLiW at all).  I’ll be keeping people appraised of new posts on my Twitter account, @lionsinwinter—and if' it’s something really cool, I may specifically link it from here.  Otherwise, I’ll be keeping the college stuff mostly over there.  If you’ve got any feedback, postive, negative, or noncommittal—please leave a comment over there.

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