Gameday Post, 2010 Preseason: Bills vs. Lions

>> 9.02.2010

One last time, one last tune-up, one last chance for those on the bubble.  One last game-that’s-not-a-game, one last test-that’s-not-a-test, one last dress rehearsal before the curtain goes up on 2010.  I posted the picture above from last season’s tilt with the Bills as a a warning, a preventative talisman—in case Matthew Stafford does get on the field, that picture above is exactly what must never happen.

Everything else is a bonus.  Please, gather and discuss in the comments below.


A Lion in ViQueen territory,  September 3, 2010 at 8:36 AM  

Well, it might be okay to spill a little of the Kool-Aid before we start the season. Temper our expectations, so to speak.

Anxiously Awaiting September 12,

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