Fireside Chat reminder: Damon Hack Interview

>> 9.05.2010

With Saturday’s announcement of the not-so-final fifty three, and the subsequent wheeling and dealing, the roster is very nearly set for the 2010 season.  That means it’s an excellent time to break down what’s to come for the Lions this season.  To get an expert’s help, I spoke to Sports Illustrated senior writer Damon Hack.  Mr. Hack attended the Lions’ training camp, amongst others—and broke down the entire division for Sports Illustrated’s NFC North Preview.  In the print edition of the preview, Damon recounted an awesome story about Nate Burleson, his son, and Nate’s attitude toward being a Lion:

“When people ask me with a negative connotation about going to Detroit—the city, the economy, the team—I say what about New Orleans? After [Hurricane] Katrina nobody wanted to be there, the locals or the players getting drafted or traded there. All of a sudden New Orleans is a place to go. The Saints revived the city. I honestly believe if we continue to work hard and bring the right guys in, we can turn around the organization and help revive [this] city.”

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A Lion in ViQueen Territory,  September 6, 2010 at 9:39 AM  

just subscribed to the podcast. listening live doesn't work with my schedule, but I can carry my iPod anywhere.

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