Fireside Chat Podcast, Week 1

>> 9.13.2010

Last night, I sat down behind the mic and laid down the first Fireside Chat of the regular season.  Those who tuned in live at 11:00 already heard it, but if you visit the Fireside Chat UStream site, or subscribe to the podcast free via iTunes, you can hear it, too.  It’s my raw first take on yesterday’s . . . injustice.  I recommend it.

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Anonymous,  September 13, 2010 at 11:15 PM  

I listened to the podcast. This time again I wasn't able to listen live, but I really enjoyed the recording. I like your point of view and agree that the call was horrible.
I think that you were a little hard on Hill though. He didn't get to call the plays, and the coaches weren't doing him any favours. There were predictable run plays, and then it would be third and long. He is also a guy that didn't get very many reps with the ones. As young as Stafford is, he's been getting almost all the practice. I say give Hill a fair shot to prove himself.

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