Fireside Chat: Michael Vick Rant Edition

>> 9.24.2010

After last Sunday’s loss, the Vick Love Parade went right by my house, and the noise drove me crazy.  Thanks to a nasty head cold, I couldn’t get my two cents into the mic on Sunday night.  Tuesday night, I tried to broadcast live, but Ustream went down unannounced and I couldn’t.  Finally, despite being out and about, I got a few minutes to lay my thoughts down . . . and so I did.  The RSS and iTunes feed is updated; I’m still trying to force-feed this thing to Ustream.  Anyway.  Enjoy the Michael Vick Rant episode of the Fireside Chat Podcast.

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Angus Osborne,  September 25, 2010 at 5:45 AM  


I was fully expecting your rant to relate to animal cruelty.

I subscribe to the theory that Andy "Machiavelii" Reid is doing this to protect Kolb. Vick will start until he screws up a game and then Kolb goes back in.

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