Fireside Chats: The Lions in Winter on Ustream

>> 7.28.2010

Last spring, I experimented with a video-podcasting-like-thing, which I termed a "Fireside Chat." I did a modified version of the same format for my phone interview with Matthew Stafford. And Tuesday, I broadcasted (but didn't record) a technical dry run for my soon-to-be-weekly Ustream show. I'm afraid only those who were paying RAPT attention to my Twitter feed, @lionsinwinter, got to hear it (probably for the best).

Wait, what? Yes, you read right, The Lions in Winter: Fireside Chat will be coming to you on Ustream every week from here through the rest of the season. The current plan is that I'll broadcast every night there's a game, and you folks will be encouraged to jump in on the "social stream" to keep it lively. Thanks to an unfortunate encounter involving my video camera and the laundry, it'll be audio-only at first; with your help it should be no less entertaining.


A Lion in ViQueen territory,  July 28, 2010 at 8:43 AM  

heck yes.

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