Detroit Lions Jersey Menagerie

>> 7.14.2010

Last week, I asked you folks to submit, or post pictures of, your Lions jerseys.  The Big Idea behind it was that I’d build a repository of the kinds of jerseys we’ve all got hanging in our closets—and we’lll collectively admire and deride them.  That we can’t upload pictures in comments limits us—but between those who’ve posted pic links, and those who’ve described theirs, I’ve built a Picasa Web Album with the submissions.  Further, I’ve built a persistent Blogger Page that feeds off of the album:

So.  Please, either comment with, email, or Tweet @lionsinwinter pictures of your Lions jerseys.  I’ll continue to compile them in the web album.  I’ll post a permanent link to the slideshow, so we can all see the results.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll make a contest out of it.

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