Unintentional TLiW Radio Silence: an Apology

>> 6.07.2010

In case you were wondering what happened to this site, laying fallow and unposted-upon, and you don’t follow @lionsinwinter on Twitter where I spent all day panicking, here is your explanation:  Blogger took it upon themselves to go completely offline, work late hours to ensure that it came back up, then catch a nice long victory sleep while posting and commenting was still broken for everyone living in a landlocked state, plus Michigan and Canada (I know Michigan doesn’t touch an ocean, but a landmass with 3,200 miles of beaches can’t possibly be “landlocked”).

Anyway, during this time, I couldn’t post, write drafts, comment, moderate comments, or anything to even explain what was happening.  Even now, I have to use the Web editor instead of my weapons of choice, Windows Live Writer and Blogo.  If I had enabled email posting pre-glitch, I could have done that, but I hadn’t, so I couldn’t.  Again, my apologies.  I’ve got lots of stuff planned for this week, so please keep an eye on this space—and keep a couple fingers crossed that this doesn’t happen again!

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