Parallel Efforts on the defensive line & Secondary

>> 6.10.2010

As I work to complete my follow-up on the defensive line and secondary analysis, I want to draw your attention to three more articles attempting the exact same thing:

  • Kevin Siefert,'s NFC North blogger, published a baseline for what he intends to be a regular performance-tracking series about the Lions’ ability to stop the deep pass.  He successfully details how brutally brutal the Lions’ pass defense was last season.
  • The Mathlete, a fixture over at MGoBlog, published his own scatter-plot heavy look into sacks, interceptions, and pass defense.  He and I exchanged emails in between my piece’s going up and his, and turns out we’d had a lot of similar thoughts.  He’s much, much better at this than I am, though, and he used the “expected points” formula to divine a little bit more clearly what a sack is worth.
  • Finally, Blue in Greer, a regular reader here and writer over at Bleacher Report, did his own look-see into the Lions’ secondary with’s pressure, hit, and batted-ball data (the same figures I’m looking at for my follow-up).  His results were revealing: he found pass defense performance, when sorted by percentages of dropbacks with pressure, was all over the map.

Anyway, give these articles a thorough review while I woodshed on it.

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