AXE Hair/TLiW Writing Contest Winner!

>> 4.02.2010

I was pleased to get some really cool entries for this contest. Some of them were from folks I've seen commenting, some were from people who've never de-lurked. Some were serious, some were funny, some were touching, most had me nodding my head and smiling.
I had three strong entries, and I was loathe to choose between them. I've decided that the two runners-up will still get their entries enshrined here on TLIW. But, to the victor go the spoils--and that winner is . . .

Rob Davies of Niles, Michigan!

Rob's entry is not really a "The Lions in Winter" post in my own style; it's more like a cross between William Gibson and Neil from Armchair Linebacker. But when this thing hit my inbox, it grabbed me by the lapels (um, of my T-shirt) and refused to let go until I gave it a Flip DV camera. I had no choice but to capitulate.
First runner-up, with a tale of the win that broke the streak, was commenter LionsFanRoc! With a strong intro, and a twist at the end that had me literally laughing out loud, the greater Lions world deserves to read this.
Second runner-up, also with a tale of the win that broke the streak, Weston Corbitt of Coloma, Michigan! You might know Weston from his sports blog, Season Tickets with Weston Corbitt. I loved the closing, it reminded me so much of my own experience of that day.
I'm going to stagger the publishing of these three, in order, over the next three Fridays. Tomorrow morning, Rob's goes up. Congrats again to the three winners, and thanks to everyone for their submissions!


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