TLIW Axe Hair ACTION Challenge: The Contest

>> 3.15.2010

Everyone who’s been reading, or following me on Twitter, knows I’ve been teaming up with AXE to give  away AXE Hair Action Challenge prize packages: a quality leather shaving bag full of AXE Hair products, and a Flip digital video camera.

As we approach the final challenge over at AXE’s site, I’m offering up one more of my own:

Tell me about a time when you were proud to be a Lions fan.

When was the last time you held your head up high?  Wore your Lions gear with pride?  Saw someone walking down the street wearing Lions gear and gave them a nod, or said “nice [jacket|hat|shirt]”?  When was the last time you shouted and high-fived somebody over something the Lions did?

What’s your favorite memory of being a proud Lions fan?  A big win?  A memorable Thanksgiving?  A moment shared with your family?  Attending your first game in-person?

I want you to write about this time, this moment, this memory, and tell me about it.  To enter, email me with the subject line “AXE Hair writing contest”, and in the body of the email include the full text of the story.  Also include how you’d like me to announce your name, e.g. “Person” from “Place”, or your commenting handle.  My address is up there in the “The Flamekeeper” widget at the top of the sidebar. 

The winner will receive an AXE prize package—and their story published for the world to see here on The Lions in Winter.

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