Goodbye: The Church of Schwartz

>> 3.02.2010

Though it's been scarcely a year since I began writing here, it seems like it's been much longer.  I find myself looking back through the archives more and more often, to remind myself of “how I did it last time”, or to check up on how my old predictions came out.

As exciting as it is to begin drawing from my blog’s ‘history’, this is still a very young site.  For the most part, the friends, readers, and commenters who’ve gathered here have stayed—if for no other reason than they just got here.  The Lions in Winter simply hasn’t been around long enough for the natural cycle of an Internet community to make a complete trip around; very few regular commenters have come, stayed, grown close, grown distant, and then left.

However, while TLIW hasn’t been around that long, the Lions blogosphere has . . and today, we say goodbye to The Church Of Schwartz.  As you can see, hackers have eviscerated the site—and its archives.  The authors, Reverend Spielman and Deacon Blades Boyd, have elected not to try to recreate from scratch what they’d spent the last year building.

The email from the good Reverend to the members of The Lions Congregation, the CoS’s weekly Lions writer roundtable, saddened and depressed me.  The number of truly dedicated Lions fans is relatively small; that of the excellent, frequently-updated Lions blogs even smaller.

We won't be losing Rev or the Deacon as fans, of course—and the Reverend assures me that they’ll continue to read and comment on Lions blogs and forums as they always have—but now, there’s one less place on the Internet that Lions fans can go for thoughtful, well-presented analysis and discussion, and for that we’re all worse off.

Reverend, Deacon, if you’re reading this, I’m pouring two mugs of hot, hard cider, and keeping two seats by the blue bonfire open for you.  You’re welcome to sit and drink here any time.


Angus,  March 2, 2010 at 2:02 PM  

Church of Schwartz is the other Lions blog I read. It's a pity it's gone,but thanks for telling us why.

A Lion in ViQueen territory,  March 2, 2010 at 2:49 PM  

Damn, that was a good one. I'll miss that site.

Ty,  March 2, 2010 at 5:04 PM  


You're welcome. Too often, sites just melt away . . . at least we have a reason.


Ty,  March 2, 2010 at 5:06 PM  


Me too. Keep your eyes peeled, though, for future events . . .


Anonymous,  March 2, 2010 at 6:48 PM  

The Church of Schwartz was terrible. They were lazy and didn't do any analysis. It's no LIW or POD which are really the only two good Lions blogs for analysis and news. I'm actually glad it's gone...

TimT,  March 3, 2010 at 11:47 AM  

Gotta say, and I know I shouldn't, but... The CoS had a good premise, and some of the contributors were worth reading, but...

You hear defeatism, cynicism, criticism and complaints daily from Lions fans in passing conversation. There's literally thousands and thousands out there that share that attitude. I don't blame them one bit!

But, since you hear so much of it on a regular basis, the CoS lost its appeal to me. It was borderline uncomfortable reading because some contributors tried to provide thoughtful analysis, but it was mixed in with much of the same old complaints by other contributors.

When I read the title of your entry, I expected it was an announcement of contributors jumping ship, not it sinking due to hackers.

Ty,  March 4, 2010 at 8:54 AM  


I won't pretend that I agreed with everything I read over there; in fact I don't think "Deacon Blades Boyd" and I could have disagreed more often or more vehemently.

Still, there was some very worthwhile stuff over there, especially the "Lions Congregation" roundtable. I really thought that was one of the best Lions features on the planet.


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