Axe Hair / Lions in WInter Writing Contest UPdate

>> 3.26.2010

A couple of weeks ago, I announced a The Lions in Winter writing contest, the winner of which would recieve an AXE Hair prize package.  The task was simple:

Tell me about a time when you were proud to be a Lions fan.

What I’m looking for is a well-written story about a time when you were proud to be a Lions fan.  It could be an instant, a moment, an hour, a game, a week, or a year.  I want you to really put yourself “on paper”; make any Lions fan reading it nod in agreement, smile at a similar memory, or excited about the season to come.

I’m extending the deadline out to April 1st, at 11:59 pm.  The winner not only receives the Flip digital video camera, AXE shaving kit, and AXE Hair products, their story will be published here at TLIW.  Again, to enter, email me with the subject line “AXE Hair writing contest”, and in the body of the email include the full text of the story.  Also include how you’d like me to announce your name, e.g. “Person” from “Place”, or your commenting handle.  My address is up there in the “The Flamekeeper” widget at the top of the sidebar.

I can’t wait to read your submission!

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