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>> 12.15.2009

We haven't done a mailbag in several weeks, and I got one in the inbox the other day that just begs for company.  Please, submit your questions, gripes, complaints, causes for alarm, and requests for assistance in the comments on this thread.  Or, by email (  Also, you can @reply or DM me on Twitter. If you're close enough, try Semaphore.


Anonymous,  December 15, 2009 at 5:47 PM  

I've got a draft topic that I would like some discussion on. It seems pretty widely accepted that if Suh or McCoy are available, the Lions will take them.
In my opinion, the next best guy to take has to be Berry. The examples of a safety impacting a defense are all over the NFL this year. The Steelers with and without Polamalu, and just yesterday when Delmas was out it was painful watching White and Pearson bouncing off tackles.
It seems like big plays against is the biggest problem for the Lions, and a safety pairing of Delmas and Berry would be the best way to stop them from happening.
I might even rather see them draft Berry over McCoy depending on how things shake out in the off season.


SomeChoi,  December 16, 2009 at 7:27 PM  

I'm one of the few who agree with Killer - Lions are better served drafting offense. The defense was good enough to keep us competitive in most games and a decent offense would've won us perhaps 4 more games. But I'm particularly worried we'll lose Calvin if we don't help him realize his potential soon, if we didn't lose him already. Not to mention being fearful for Staff's life. And Mayhew better be losing sleep over whether Pettigrew becomes a playmaker. Otherwise, passing on Oher will haunt him forever.

But here is my question: if we do draft defense, is there a place for tweeners such as Brian Orakpo in Gunther's D? Prototypical 4-3 DEs seemed to be rare in recent drafts.

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