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>> 10.16.2009

The most recent Watchtower article has received a bit of attention over in the Packer blogosphere.  However, fellow Fantasy Players partner site PackerChatters.com graciously decided to host my article, in its entirety, on their site.  The responses ranged from:

The Packers are getting some key personnel back. The Packers haven’t had a starting caliber safety opposite Nick Collins since Week 1 which has forced them to play more conservatively and at times play with only 1 safety. That is going to change. Expect to see the defense that Jay Cutler saw in Week 1. It will be back and it isn’t going to be pretty for Culpepper or Stafford. When you don’t have two reliable safeties it really limits what you can do when blitzing due to blown assignments. Sorry but I just don’t see the Packers dropping a division game at home right after a tough division loss to the Vikings.
Are you serious the Lions win hahahahahahahah you must be as high as a kite. I have a better chance of having sex with Shakira than lions winning this one.

Though the PC community was pretty well split over the quality and worthiness of my breakdown, there’s no doubt in my mind that Larry and the rest of the (decidated, competent) crew over there deserved a Packer-friendly voice over here.  PC contributor Sam Oleson penned a very balanced keys-to-the-game-type article, "Can the Packers Bounce Back Against the Lions?".

Luckily, Green Bay plays the Detroit Lions on Sunday. The Lions, though not as bad as last year, are still one of the worst teams in the NFL. So this should be an easy win for the Pack, right? Wrong. Don’t get me wrong, the Packers are clearly much better than the Lions. But if the Packers play like they did in their two losses this year, any team could beat them.

Sam does an intelligent breakdown of the matchup; the article is honest and balanced. I suggest any reader interested in an fair counterpoint check it out.

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