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>> 6.23.2009

Okay folks, I beg your forgiveness for yet another meta post; I swear I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.  Today, a piece I originally for the Blue Blog, the Lions blog, got syndicated as a feature article on the Roar Report, the official Lions site.  Now, the article in question isn’t anything super amazing; in fact it’s largely similar to my Key Performance Indicators post from yesterday.  However, this one was completely re-written from scratch, without the colorful analogies, and in my Very Professional Newspaperman Voice—as opposed to the expansive, jarringly inconsistent, straight-from-my-id Blogger Voice you’ve all grown to put up with.

Still, it’s pretty golly-gosh-darn cool to have a byline to my credit.  I am a “contributor’!  Whoo!  And, all partisanship aside, everyone reading this really ought to make the Blue Blog part of their daily trawl--most of the best stuff from around the Web gets not only linked there, but analyzed and put in greater context as well.  Thanks again, everyone, for your patience with my small-potatoes cap-feathering; there’s a bunch of great minicamp info coming down the pike, and I’ll be sure to have real stuff up tomorrow.


Neil,  June 23, 2009 at 11:17 PM  

Oh man, congrats. As you well know, you're one of my favorite dudes to turn to in this here blogosphere, and so I'm happy for you. Hopefully, this is only the beginning of good things for you, Ty.

I've been especially impressed that you've managed to turn in consistently quality posts during this dead period when most of the rest of the football blogging world has wilted under the weight of the big fat nothing which has been hanging in the air basically since the draft. Your Key Performance Indicators post was especially quality and I meant to post something there, but hell, here is okay too I suppose.

Ty,  June 24, 2009 at 12:43 AM  

Many thanks, Neil. And, as you know, being a newcomer to the aforementioned blogosphere, I've had to play a pretty intense game of catch-up. When going back and realizing that there were a lot of really good writers who had already thought "Hey, I think I'll start a Lions blog" about three years before I did, I kind of panicked--but I've found you, and all the other Lions bloggers, to be more receptive and supportive than I ever would have imagined. I really do think we're all in this together--and if things are going along this swimmingly for us in the information-poorest part of the offseason following the worst regular football season any team has ever played in the last eighty years . . . imagine what it'll be like when the Ws start piling up with the autumn leaves!

Thanks again for the read and the support. Be well, Neil.


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