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>> 6.08.2009

Folks, please bear with me for a bit of blogging about my blogging:

* Despite the painful probability that there's no absolutely no demand for this whatsoever, I have made TLIW available via Kindle on Amazon.com.  I myself don't hold a Kindle to my name, yet it's the kind of toy I'd definitely go bonkers for if my "toy budget" were robust enough.  If you have one, you'll get this blog automatically delivered to your device, as frequently as I can manage to post here.

* Secondarily, the Scout.com-powered Blue Blog is up and running at nearly full speed; the site's template has been finished, comments are on (for now), and the contributors (including myself) have settled into a nice little groove.  You'll find all the best Lions news from around the Web, plated up piping hot right there--with a dollop of analysis on the side.

* Tertiarily, I am eagerly Tweeting as always; it's here where I like to branch out a bit.  Along with #lions news and analysis as it happens, you'll get my abbreviated musings on #redwings, #tigers, and #beer--as well as personal/family stuff that doesn't fit here.  I also Tweet just about whenever I do post here, so if you #follow @lionsinwinter you'll never miss a TLIW post.

* Quartiarily, my e-mail mailbox is always open; feel free to ask questions, send comments, or berate me; the address is thelionsinwinter@gmail.com.

* Finally, I've been working behind-the-scenes to iron out the wrinkles on the site's template.  right now, the minimalist thing works okay, but it's just not as good as it could be--and I've gotten some helpful notes from pro Webslingers about the rampaging XML and CSS errors that are probably Blogger's fault.  Stupid WYSIWYG; it's what you don't see that crashes browsers!  So, if you come here at an odd hour and everything is all freaky, just whip out your Kindle and read it there while I correct whatever I've broken.

I appreciate your continued patience!


Baxtersbuzz,  June 8, 2009 at 8:35 PM  

Ty, my blog is so simple. I keep saying I'm gonna add some stuff, but I just haven't yet. If your blog is broken, then mine is...whatever is worse than broken...appreciate you checking me out today too...I love talking sports. Detroit sports especially...keep posting and I'll keep reading

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