the lions congregation, week ten

>> 5.11.2009

It just occurred to me that I'm way overdue in linking you folks to the latest installment of The Lions Congregation!  The good Reverend is taking a few weeks' sabbatical--I don't blame him--so his parishioners tried to send him off on a high note.  As added incentive, Big Al from the always-entertaining The Wayne Fontes Experience has had the scales fall from his eyes; he'll be sharing his testimony with the rest of the most noteworthy Lions scribes (and me) every week from now on.  Topics discussed by the newly-expanded flock:

1) Are there any undrafted rookies that you expect to be on the team this season?

2) If you can pick one remaining free agent on the market for the Lions to sign, who is it?

3) What retired Lion (if any) deserves Hall of Fame consideration?

I'm going to beg a bit of forgiveness on this week's answers; I was emailing from my BlackBerry, so my answers were slow in creation--and looked a lot better on the smaller screen!  Mea culpa; the rest of the roundtable happily picked up the slack.


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