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>> 4.25.2009

Of course, I'll have PLENTY of stuff coming about the events of the day.  Those of you who followed me @lionsinwinter got a lot of my first-take reactions.  The mock results (with my final mock, as I turned it in, correct picks bolded) were as such:

1 (Lions) Matthew Stafford QB Georgia 

2 (Rams) Jason Smith OT Baylor 

3 (Chiefs) Tyson Jackson DE LSU

4 (Seahawks) Aaron Curry LB Wake Forest

5 (Browns) Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech

6 (Bengals) Andre Smith OT Alabama

7 (Raiders) Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri 

8 (???) Mark Sanchez QB Southern California 

9 (Packers) B.J. Raji DT Boston College

10 (49ers) Eugene Monroe OT Virginia

11 (Bills) Brian Orakpo DE Texas

12 (Broncos) Aaron Maybin DE Penn State

13 (Redskins) Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State

Sanchez @ #5 definitely hurt; still, if the Raiders had not gone completely Al Davis and/or the Jags had taken Crabtree, it wouldn't have stung much. As it was, with the Raiders taking Heyward-Bey a round early, the Jags then snatching up Monroe, and then the Bills passing on Orakpo, My TV turned into a 4-way tie for second place. I lost all the coin tosses, and ended up with the fifth-place prize package. I mean, tickets to both Lions preseason games, an MSU ballcap and T-shirt, a tape measure, a cordless screwdriver, and a drill bit set is nice and everything . . . but the second-place package was a grill, a custom Lions jersey, the same tickets, etc. . . . I was a pick or two away from my TV.


David M,  April 26, 2009 at 12:28 AM  

I cant believe we passed on Maualuga when he was STILL THERE AT 33!!!!!

I know why they made the pettigrew pick and delmas. Those reasons are different than millen's but it sure makes you wonder how different Mayhew is from Millen after today.

We could have had oher and maualuga or even Everette brown or Darius Butler. I really really wanted Ayers though. We eneded up trading roy williams for another receiver type player in Pettigrew. I thought the point of trading roy was to distibute salary cap to the defense. Not to give it to a TE.
On a more positive note: my scenarios included 10 players in the correct slots, and I predicted 2 trades accurately :)

Mike Mayock only got 10 spots correct in his mock. However, i might be comparing apples to oranges with my hybrid mock draft.

Yes, we got the best TE and best S, but more skill players...yuck.

David M,  April 26, 2009 at 12:51 AM  

One last thing, I do like that we got the best player a those positions instead of reaching for the 4th best player at a position. But I was hoping for Maualuga.

However, Schwartz thinks Delmas is like Bob Sanders or Ed Reed. If that is correct, them im all for that call.

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