mild franchise makeover: detroit lions edition

>> 3.18.2009

 Here's your new logo, folks, or at least a close rendition thereof.  After the onslaught of obvious fakes, this one matches up with all the leaks from credible sources.  Supposedly a photoshop done by someone who's seen the real thing, this logo matches up with what I've always wanted for poor Bubbles: clarity on where his head stops and starts, what is his mouth, what is his eyes, and what is his arms, separation between the front arms, and some teeth.  If this truly is what the real logo will look like, then I must applaud Lewand and the leadership once more, because it's just the right amount of change.  It's still quite clearly the Detroit Lions, and yet it's a definite improvement.

I am very, very glad to see this, because it's similar to what I've been rooting for all along.  Something about this just screams "right" to me, and with luck we'll see it (and similarly tastefully redone) unis on Aaron Curry before too long.  Thank you, Messrs Lewand and Mayhew.  Thank you.


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