l.j. still in play

>> 3.16.2009

PFT, citing a report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, says L.J. Smith will not be signing with the Falcons after all.  As the report states, Smith was down to Atlanta and Detroit, and now it won't be Atlanta, so . . . follow your nose.  If Smith is inked, that will give, er, whoever is playing QB for the Lions a legitimate pair of hands to lean on on third-and-7.  Linehan has always utilized recieving TEs well; I think this signing would be a big boon for the offense.  Moreover, it would pare the "gaping" roster holes--where we don't have anyone who could be considered a legit NFL starter down to MLB and QB, both of which should be able to be filled through the draft.  Let's see if Mayhew can land another "dollar ninja", to borrow a phrase from my compatriot in Lions fandom, DetFan1979.

UPDATE:  Well, that lasted about three and a half seconds.  Killer is reporting that the Lions signed free agent TE Will Heller--who, outside of having turned down a schollie to Julliard for his acting chops, has no more impressive of a resume than Gaines or Fitz.  Killer says he does not know if this affects the chances that L.J. Smith will be signed.  Oh, and Anthony Cannon has been released.


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