the Lions Congregation, part IV

>> 3.19.2009

It's time for another round of the Lions Congregation over at the Church of Schwartz.  Topics for today are:

* Julian Peterson Trade: Yay, Nay or Meh?

* What Do You Prefer: Aaron Curry at 1.1 or Stafford/OT at 1.1 and James Laurinaitis at 1.20?

* Are any of the young linemen on the roster (Cohen, Fluellen, Ikaika A-F) capable of filling Redding’s shoes?

I encourage you folks to check out the Good Reverend's site; he has a draft review series going right now that's a unique idea.  It's also brutally depressing . . .


Anonymous,  March 20, 2009 at 11:43 AM  

I really liked the trade. Peterson is a FAR better LB, than Reddign is a DT. I dont know how well it will work, but I see Mayhew rollin with Darby, Jackson, (plus Fluellen) with a little White, Avril, and an occasional Devries and Conover sighting. They still wont get after the QB with this DL, maybe Avril will pass rush occasionally, and maybe the LB blitz more, but Darby, Jackson, & Flu are meant to jsut slow the run.
I HOPE its an OL, then a Brace, and/or Hood, and if he falls to them or they can swing it, Freeman?

Cohen, 5-0 to me are a lost cause!

Ty,  March 20, 2009 at 12:54 PM  

Well Mayhew has come out and said that basically, they were already looking at Redding as a LDE instead of a DT. This means that they want to have a MONSTER line . . . Avril is going to have to get significantly bigger to avoid being a purely situational dude.

I think you're right, there will have to be a lot of blitzing by Peterson and Sims, and--you'll see more of this analysis in a few days--a lot of 3-4 looks in order to generate pressure. They really are going to try to stop the run first and foremost . . .

I don't want Brace. He doesn't sound like a player to me. Freeman I don't think will even last to 1.20, rumor has it he won't get past the Jets.

Anything else I can depress you with?


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