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>> 2.22.2009

Hey folks, I'm busy at work behind the scenes on the rest of the position group breakdowns.  A couple quick combine impressions:

* As almost everyone is saying, the shenanigans involving Alabama OT Andre Smith are like a forest of huge red flags: out of shape, didn't work out, left the combine without telling anybody, had an awful round of interviews . . . no thanks.

* OT Jason Smith from Baylor looked phenomenal.  Folks like Dave Birkett have been raving about him for a couple of days, but watching him in the position drills, he clearly stood out.  Very very strong in the upper body, very smooth and polished.  My new #1 OT.

* OT Eugene Monroe of Virginia did himself a lot of favors yesterday with his performance, and the Lions have already met with him.  He also looked excellent in drills; I'd have to rate him #2.

* Michael Oher didn't do anything to drop his stock necessarily, but he looked thick on bottom and lean on top; didn't look all that athletic next to some of the other guys, and admitted he hasn't even read "Blind Side", a book that was written primarily about him.


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