Jim Schwartz Meets With Detroit Lions Media: Rumors and Lies

>> 1.12.2009

  • Last night, the interwebs fairly well exploded with reports that Titans DC Jim Schwartz (codename: 'Grandmaster') was flying in to Detroit to interview—and Pro Football Talk's sources claimed (click the 'exploded') that the Titans were convinced Schwartz's flight to the 'D' was on a one-way ticket.  In the red-eyed dawn of another frozen Monday, though, things still look to be fairly unsettled.  Many outlets are reporting that Leslie Frazier and Miami DB coach/assistant HC Todd Bowles (to whom it may concern piece still coming) are still due to be brought in for second interviews.
  • Interestingly enough, the Grandmaster was allowed to hold a presser for the Detroit media today.  Given the total radio silence from Lions officials since the Lions' officials officially became Lions officials, letting a candidate get up on the dais and address the media--albeit briefly--seems incongrous.  I'm reminded of the presser Rod Marinelli held to announce that the Lions had not yet hired Mike Martz to be the new offensive coordinator, and spent the entire time trying to remind himself to throw in an "IF we hire him" when responding to questions.  Sayeth Schwartz: "I think it's time to find a replacement for Bobby Layne".
  • NFL.com's Adam Schefter has since reported that the Lions also contacted Chargers DC Ron Rivera again--as a reminder, last week Rivera rebuffed the Lions (and any other team that came calling) so he could focus 100% on preparing his defense to get pistol whipped by Big Ben and the Steelers.  I haven't heard anything on an interview being scheduled, merely the Lions brass courteously following up.
  • According to the Newark Star-Ledger, Candidate 1A is now far behind Ravens DC Rex Ryan for the Jets' head coaching position.  He was at least superficially courted by everyone with an opening, but the Jets seemed to be the franchise with the most serious interest--and the most mutual interest.
  • One fewer musical chair: while Leslie Frazier had been heavily rumored to be in the final two for the Broncos gig, today the Broncos hired Patriots OC Josh McDaniels.  Mangini, McDaniels--all the offensive guys with "M" names are getting snapped up by other teams; that is fine with me.  If the Ravens do hire Rex Ryan, that leaves the Rams, the Raiders (who haven't yet lined up all the high school coaches they want to interview), and us as the final teams looking for a skipper.  This means that even if Mayhew and Lewand take their time, we'll probably still have our pick of Candidate 1A, The Grandmaster, Frazier, and Bowles--probably the top four candidates on the Lions' board.  Not too shabby for the worst team ever--just hope the Rams hire Mike Mularkey.
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