. . . and so the poor dog had none

>> 1.26.2009

With the Senior Bowl in the history books, all but the international celebration of corporate America that is the Super Bowl behind us, and the Lions having completed the worst season in the history of modern  professional sport . . . it's time.

After three years of stirring the concrete, pouring the foundation brick by brick, then condemning the house . . . it's time.

With a President, GM, head coach, and offensive and defensive coordinators in place . . . it's time.

It's time . . . to take stock of the roster.  With several months yet to argue over players we really know nothing about, let's begin with a real analysis of what we've got.  Since I believe the team needs to be built from the trenches out, and I further believe that this team paired a seven-win offense with a negative-seven win defense, let's start with the defensive line . . .


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